Atletico-MG patron wants to continue with Cuca, but warns about phase: “If it doesn’t work, it’s no use” | athletic-mg

Cuca’s stay at Atlético-MG for 2023 depends on the team returning to “league” in the final stretch of the season. That’s what Ricardo Guimarães, investor and member of the collegiate body that manages the club, says.

Guimarães is yet another to admit that the coach’s renewal is not guaranteed. The manager assumes that Atlético-MG is keeping an eye on the market and points out that Cuca himself has already said, on more than one occasion, that the performance with him in the season is bad. Ricardo cites the defeat to Avaí as an example.

– We still don’t have a set for 2023. We are looking at some names, and we would really like Cuca to stay. He’s a great coach, maybe the best in Atletico’s history, but we have to see it too. Cuca himself spoke after the game: he needs to move the candy, he needs to change the situation, the performance against Avaí, he himself called it horrible. The performance of 33% is very low.

Cuca, Atlético-MG coach — Photo: Pedro Souza / Atlético-MG

“Bora de Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives game. Sign the Premiere!”

Ricardo Guimarães says that the wait to decide on Cuca’s renewal does not mean that the coach needs to give answers to the management, but he emphasizes that it is not possible to insist on a job that does not give a league on the field.

“It’s a name we’d really like, but we have to wait. Not that Cuca needs to show anything, but if he’s not giving a damn, it’s no use wanting to insist on something.”

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Despite admitting uncertainty about the technical command for 2023, Ricardo Guimarães treated market observation as something natural in football. He was asked about Jorge Sampaoli and praised the Argentine commander, who passed through Cidade do Galo in 2020 and left with some friction with the direction.

– This is constant in football. SIGA is always working, we are always looking at players, and the coaches are always following along.

“(Sampaoli) He’s a great coach, he did a great job, he went to France, he did a really good job. He’s a high-level name.”

Cuca left Atlético-MG, by personal choice, at the end of last year, after winning Mineiro, Copa do Brasil and Brasileirão. Galo had some difficulties in the market, until they hired Turco Mohamed. The Argentine started well, won the Supercopa do Brasil and Mineiro, but skated in the Brazilian, was eliminated in the Copa do Brasil, and was fired. Cuca returned at the end of July, and has a 33% success rate in ten matches.

Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG Membership Program — Photo: Disclosure

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