Billionaire King: What is the value of King Charles III’s fortune? – 09/20/2022

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the fortunes of the new 73-year-old King Charles III will increase in huge proportions. The monarch, who already owns personal wealth, must now inherit large tracts of land, properties, jewelry, paintings and other possessions kept until then by his mother.

The King’s personal fortune comes largely from the income of the Duchy of Cornwall, which has reached under his command US$1.2 billion (R$6.3 billion) in net assets, in addition to nearly US$400 million (R$400 million). 2.1 billion) in commercial properties and 52 thousand hectares of land.

Charles also has investments and ventures aimed at protecting the environment and organic agriculture.

It is through the Charitable Foundation (an inheritance now also owned by Prince William) that Charles ran the UK’s biggest organic food brand. The foundation was also responsible for a nature retreat and craft center in Transylvania, where guesthouses operated for visitors.

And although Queen Elizabeth II’s will will not be opened in the next few years – it is estimated that it will take at least 90 years for the document to be read – King Charles IIIth, being her eldest son, he has already obtained some transfers from the former Majesty’s private properties, such as the castle at Balmoral, Scotland, where she died, and Sandringham, in the east of England, where the Royal thoroughbred horse farm is located. studies

The king is also expected to inherit the former monarch’s private collection of jewelry, as well as arts, rare stamps, and personal investments. According to Forbes, these personal assets reach US$ 500 million (R$ 2.64 billion). And Charles won’t have to pay inheritance tax. This is thanks to an agreement signed in 1993 with the British government, exempting transfers of property from one sovereign to another from the tax.

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