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Published 09/19/2022 14:43

President and candidate for reelection, Jair Bolsonaro, spoke again about helping Flamengo build their own stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

In an interview with SBT, the country’s commander, who is in the midst of an electoral campaign, said that the red-black has his “backing”.

“Although I am the owner of Caixa in quotes, for my part, I have the positive endorsement for us to move forward,” said the president, in London, where he is accompanying the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Still on the subject, Bolsonaro took the opportunity to criticize Lula, his main political opponent and leader of the polls, in a speech that also involved Corinthians.

“I’m not going to try to interfere and do the thing that another former president did with another football team,” Bolsonaro said, referring to Lula, who was accused of acting with the construction company Odebrecht to make the construction of the Corinthians Arena possible.

It is worth remembering that nothing has been proven in this regard. Recently, Corinthians reached an agreement regarding the debt with Odebrecht. The approval was not announced because the court-supervised reorganization meeting of Odebrecht Participações e Investimentos is still suspended. This meeting with shareholders is crucial for the agreement to be made official.

Finally, Bolsonaro, who declared that he is not a Flamengo fan, said that he will do “everything possible within the norms of Caixa and the Legislation” so that the red-black stadium gets off the ground.

“Our idea is to give the stadium. Collaborate for the stadium of this great red-black nation, which deserves”, added the president.

This is not the first time Bolsonaro has spoken about helping Flamengo. In July, during an agribusiness event held in São Paulo, the president had already addressed the stadium theme. On the occasion, he revealed that he spoke with the president of Caixa, Daniella Marques, and the Army Command to unblock the negotiations.

Flamengo intends to acquire the land of the old Gasometer, which belongs to Caixa Econômica. Next to this area is an army barracks, which, according to Bolsonaro, “can also enter the package”.

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