Choose how notifications appear on the locked screen [iPhone]

In addition to bringing a new experience to the locked screenO iOS 16 it also brought more “hidden” news, which were not mentioned by the company during the presentation of the new operating system.

One of them is the possibility to change the appearance of the Notifications on your iPhone’s locked screen.

From this version, you can choose between three different styles: “Count”, “Set” and “List”. See, below, the differences between these three types and how to change this behavior of notifications out there! 📱

  1. Score: With this option enabled, notifications are “hidden” on the locked screen behind a number — which is the total number of unread notifications you received in the last interval without using your iPhone.
  2. Set: With this one on, you see the notifications overlaid on the locked screen.
  3. List: The last option, in turn, displays incoming notifications as an expanded list — so you can see them all at once on the lock screen.

Here is the practical difference between the three types of visualization:

The options “Count”, “Set” and “List”, respectively.

How to change the way notifications appear on the locked screen

Open Settings, tap on “Notifications” and in the “Show as” area (at the top), select one of three types: “Count”, “Set” or “List”.

What did you think of the news? 😃

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