Clairvoyant hits the hammer and nailes Grêmio’s fate against Sport for Serie B

Tomorrow (19), Grêmio will face Sport Recife for the 31st round of Série B of the Brazilian Championship, at Arena. Therefore, visionary Vitor Pinheiro made predictions today (19) about how the match between the two clubs will be and left the Grêmio fan worried.

According to Vitor, the game is very favorable to a draw, with Tricolor having problems with arbitration, with a possible expulsion or injury. According to the seer, the energy of Sport is positive for the game, which opens the possibility of victory for the Pernambuco team.

In addition, Vitor Pinheiro did not find any negative letter for Sport, which cannot be said equally for Grêmio. However, the seer points out that Grêmio is a very strong team in its domains.

Gremio can come out ahead of the confrontation

In the predictions about Grêmio in tomorrow’s match, Vitor said he saw a player who wears the number 9 as a highlight for the tricolor side. In this scenario, the athlete would be Diego Souza. In addition, the seer finds possibilities for the Immortal to start the game winning, which may change with the rest of the fight.

In the seer’s conclusions, in view of the cards presented, the most logical result is a tie, as it is a difficult confrontation between two large teams in their respective states.

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