Cyberpunk 2077’s popularity rises again on Steam thanks to patch 1.6

Nearly two years after its disastrous launch, CD Projekt Red appears to be starting to succeed in to put things in their proper axes in Cyberpunk 2077. With the addition of updates that offered improvements to the Samurai adventure, the game was conquering more and playersand now seems to be becoming even more popular.

After all, since the arrival of mercenaries with patch 1.6, the futuristic title of the Polish producer saw a jump in the number of consecutive players on Steam. The information was shared by the SteamDB website, which offers information about the games available on Valve’s platform.

According to the website, Cyberpunk 2077 reached 85,000 concurrent players yesterday (18) on Steam, showing heavy games like Elden Ring, with its 31,000 players and even some titans of the gaming world like GTA V and Destiny 2.

For comparison purposes, according to SteamDB, in August of this year the maximum number of simultaneous players roaming the streets of Night City was only 16,000. That is, since the release of patch 1.6 this number has risen monstrously, showing that there is space for the CD Projekt game breathe and show a little more of your potential.

In addition to the new update, which brought improvements and new tools to the game, another possible reason for this sudden explosion in popularity could be related to the release of Cyberpunk: Mercenariesthe new animation from Netflix inspired by the game. The anime doesn’t tell exactly the same story seen in the game, but it takes place in Night City and alludes to a lot of things seen in the game’s universe.

Ultimately, CD Projekt Red could see its ambitious game turn around in the near future. After all, the developer has plans to continue releasing more and content for the gameincluding some free updates that should give the title a look, which although it arrived in stores all lame, has always shown to have a lot of potential.

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