Death of Elizabeth II causes 800 brands to change packaging

The death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8 is expected to impact the food and beverage industry. Approximately 800 brands will have to change their packaging to suit the new era of the Royal Family.

The change takes place because of the so-called “Royal Warrant”, or “Royal Warrant”. “Royal Warrants” are documents that allow companies to use the royal coat of arms on their products in exchange for providing goods and services to royalty. With the death of the queen, the use is no longer valid.

On its website, the Royal Warrant Holders Association reported that “the Royal House will review the grants of warrants after the change of the reigning sovereign”. The group also said that “the company or individual may continue to use the real weapons for up to two years, provided there is no significant change within the company in question.”

Among the brands that should change packaging are the ketchup Heinz, Twinings tea, Kellogg’s cereal, Tabasco hot sauce, Tanqueray gin and Schweppes tonic.

To qualify for the “Royal Warrant”, brands must provide products or services on a regular and continuous basis for at least five years. They are also required to demonstrate that they have “adequate” environmental and sustainability policies.

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