Diniz reveals strategy and gives tips to beat Flamengo

Coach Fernando Diniz, from Fluminense, revealed the strategy used to beat Flamengo yesterday (18), 2-1, for the 27th round of the Brazilian Championship. In an interview with “Bem, Amigos”, today (19), the commander explained that he had to congest the middle to make the red-black game difficult.

Faced with the quality of the offensive sector of Dorival Jr’s men, Fernando Diniz said that he set up the Flu in order to “push” Rubro-Negro to the sides of the field, making it difficult for the opponent to reach Fábio’s goal.

“Clearly (I clogged up the middle), because Flamengo is one of the few teams in Brazil that has a fantastic game inside, and the guys are lethal and deadly”, admitted Diniz to the Sportv program.

“I also like to play inside, when it’s possible. Inside, when you hit, you’re in front of the goal. So we knew that there we could score goals. So we had to protect there, and even so they created”, added the commander.

I only live in the Brasileirão, Fluminense occupies the third place, with 48 points, and returns to the field next Wednesday (28), at 19h (GMT), at Maracanã, to face Juventude at Maracanã.

Goose in the Cup?

goose - Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF - Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF

Ganso celebrates a goal scored by Fluminense in the game against Flamengo, valid for the Brazilian Championship

Image: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF

For Fernando Diniz, his midfielder should be on his way to the third World Cup. The coach pointed out Paulo Henrique Ganso as a “genius” and highlighted the player’s change in mentality.

“Ganso was supposed to be playing in the third World Cup, in my opinion. Someone was missing to say that he runs and being supportive is necessary, it doesn’t diminish his genius. I transmit from the game to him that he needs to run”, said the tricolor coach.

“Gose is a guy who clears everything up. He’s a genius that we see playing. Whenever he’s running more, he’s playing better. He’s been able to hear the things I say, I can’t help him with the genius he has. But I can help him so that he can bring out his genius more and more”, he added.

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