Expensive electricity bill? Check out 4 INFAILABLE tips to save energy

Refrigerator, microwave, TV and a multitude of appliances are plugged into the socket at this very moment, in addition to the light bulbs. With this, the bill at the end of the month can scare and worry many people. Therefore, today we bring you some valuable tips on how to reduce the energy consumption which is growing every year.

Tips on how to reduce energy costs and save money

Knowing how to save money is being increasingly sought after by Brazilians, the bills keep coming and it is necessary to minimize spending more and more. As a result, some appliances demand more energy than others and it is exactly these that we should pay attention to:

Beware of the Freezer

Many families still use the freezer in their kitchens, we are not talking about the ones attached to the refrigerators, but the ones that are part. Although they give more space for food that needs to be frozen, freezers have a high energy consumption.

For them, our tip is to close the door as quickly as possible so that the internal temperature doesn’t need a lot of energy to restore itself.

Invest in natural lighting

A light bulb turned on unnecessarily can hurt your pocket at the end of the month, so it is important to explore the use of natural lighting. Therefore, large windows and glass are the new best friends of those who want to save money.

Your tv is not on, but in fact it is

Remove from the socket all equipment that is not being used, the TV connected to the socket consumes 20% of the energy it would use if it were on. You may not have noticed, but televisions plugged in usually have a small red or blue light on and unfortunately this is “burning” your money.

Plan to buy new appliances

Refrigerators, freezers, microwaves and many other older appliances consume much more energy when compared to newer ones. Therefore, investing in up-to-date equipment will certainly save you money in the future.

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