Film about the end of the world on Netflix with Tom Cruise is a hit

Whenever a movie arrives on Netflix, most of the time, it climbs to the top 10 and then is hidden in the catalog. This is the case of Edge of Tomorrow, a film starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt and which has the end of the world and a war against aliens as a backdrop.

Edge of Tomorrow was originally released in 2014, securing a box office of $370 million. The science fiction feature is an adaptation of the complex work of Hiroshi Sakurazaka. With a flashy and simplified plot, the film managed to refresh, without reinventing the genre or proposing something radically different.

Well, if you like movies of this genre, get to know a little more about the movie.

the plot of On the edge of tomorrow

The history of On the edge of tomorrow, takes place after years of fighting the aliens who have invaded Earth. Humans face a battle of paramount importance for the future of the planet.

In the course of the conflict, soldier Bill Cage (Cruise) dies and, without knowing how, enters a time loop that leads him to live the same day over and over again.

From then on, with the help of the famous warrior Rita Vrataski (Blunt), he must use his acquired experience to try to change the course of the war.

What did the critics think?

Edge of Tomorrow is one of the movies available on Netflix
Image: Disclosure/Netflix

In addition to winning over Netflix’s audience, On the edge of tomorrow also caught the public’s attention. On Rotten Tomatoes, for example, the feature has about 90% approval, in a rare assessment, where the agreement between the public and the critics.

The critical consensus stated:

“Exciting, well acted, funny and intelligent, On the Edge of Tomorrow offers amusing proof that Tom Cruise is still more than capable of bearing the brunt of a blockbuster action thriller.”

Either way, we always recommend watching the movie to get your own ratings. Watch the trailer:

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