Foreigners articulate recognition of poll results in Brazil – 09/20/2022

As President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) prepares for his opening speech at the UN General Assembly, this Tuesday, governments of democratic countries begin to articulate, behind the scenes, an almost immediate recognition of the results of the polls in Brazil. With details kept in absolute secrecy so as not to represent an interference in Brazilian domestic politics, the gesture aims to shield Brazilian democracy and prevent the country from entering a constitutional limbo or a rupture of democracy.

The tactic was already used in the American election, when Donald Trump threatened to delegitimize the American electoral system. In concert, the main European capitals and other Western democracies rushed to “congratulate” the winner Joe Biden and wish that the relationship between their countries and the new American government would be deepened.

In other words: the recognition that the election was fair, that a new government is legitimate and that the dialogue was now with a new head of state.

The operation to shield Biden and the American election even involved the UN (United Nations), which rarely pronounces on elections in a country until all votes are finalized in their count, which can always take a few days.

In the American case, the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, hastened to send a telegram of congratulations to the Democratic winner and even to make public statements. Who made a point of only being one of the last to recognize Biden’s victory was precisely Bolsonaro who, for days, repeated Trump’s lie about an alleged fraud in the American election.

As the column found out, the same is being articulated to be carried out in the case of Brazil, especially in the face of the threats that Bolsonaro launches on the electoral process, on the polls and on its popular support.

The articulation even gained strength after Bolsonaro used a meeting with foreign ambassadors, in Brasília, to lie about the risks of the electoral system in Brazil.

Also contributing to the process was the fact that the main human rights entities in the country have dedicated themselves in recent months to visiting more than a dozen foreign embassies in the country to ask for recognition of the results of the polls once the process is concluded, precisely to strengthen the idea that democracy has taken hold.

Last week, in Geneva, the same operation was also carried out at the UN. “It is critical that the international community expresses its support for Brazilian democracy and its confidence in the Brazilian electoral system, which has been the target of unfounded attacks on its reliability as a backdrop for a broader attack on democracy in Brazil,” said Paulo Lugon, international advisor to the Arns Commission.

“We ask the international community that the United Nations and the Human Rights Council be spaces for the defense of the Brazilian electoral system and democracy in Brazil. We also ask that the international community make an appeal to the Brazilian authorities so that the elections take place in safety respect for institutions and that there is effective control over the circulation of weapons during this election period,” said Camila Asano, program director at Conectas Human Rights.

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