Functioning and value of the cheapest streaming service alternative

Netflix is ​​a streaming service used by thousands of people around the world. Initially, the plans were pretty affordable, but as the company gained popularity, prices went up. However, from 2023 onwards, a Netflix budget plan. Follow this article to understand how this alternative will work.

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Netflix’s Affordable Plan to Launch in 2023

Like other big companies, Netflix is ​​suffering the consequences of the crisis in the global economy, which has already caused the loss of almost 1 million subscribers. Aiming to drive revenue growth, the company intends to launch a new package, with the promise of being more affordable.

The idea is for the new plan to be cheaper but contain ads. The novelty should only be officially released in 2023, according to Netflix’s latest financial report. Some sources have already made an estimate of what the value of the new plan for the streaming service should be.

Bloomberg’s sources reported that Netflix’s cheapest ad plan is expected to cost between US$7.00 and US$9.00, which is below the current cheapest plan, which costs US$9.99. 90 in Brazil). So, proportionally speaking, the new plan can cost from R$ 18.00 in our country.

However, it is important to remember that the cheapest subscription that Netflix has today does not give access to high definition images. This is the HD plan, which costs US$ 15.99 (R$ 39.90), while the 4K subscription costs US$ 19.99 (R$ 55.90 for Brazilian subscribers).


Unlike the ads that are displayed in our navigation according to the words we search, the ads of the new Netflix plan should not be targeted in this way, that is, most users will watch the same commercials. In addition, it is estimated that the frequency of ads will be 4 minutes for every hour of content.

Despite the drop, Netflix still leads streaming services

Despite the crisis, Netflix still maintains a significant advantage in terms of the number of subscribers compared to other platforms, totaling 220.67 million users, while Disney, in turn, is the company that comes closest, with 205, 6 million split between Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+.

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