Galvão Bueno says he will still appear on Globo after the World Cup: “I’m from the family” – 09/20/2022

Galvão Bueno got emotional when commenting on the proximity of retirement – ​​his last narration will be the final of the World Cup in Qatar, on December 18 this year. The narrator spoke about future plans at a press conference held by the broadcaster to announce the World Cup schedule.

Although the contract with the station ends at the end of this year, Galvão says that there are conversations between him and the sports director of Globo so that his stay remains punctual in some programs. “I won’t do anything else on television if it’s not on Globo”, he says. “We are talking about some occasional participations. There is no contract yet, but who knows, invitations to talk some nonsense on some programs, no? I don’t do narration anymore, the last one will be on December 18, in the World Cup final. But other things , Who knows”.

Sell ​​emotion and be a tightrope walker. This is how Galvão Bueno describes his professional career, which has spanned 50 years. Its first World Cup was in 1974, crowned in 1994 with the cry of “It’s Tetra”. “The question I’ve answered the most is how I’m preparing myself. I live by putting words together. And if they’ve already started missing me here, imagine in my last game? I don’t know what I’m going to say”, the narrator gets emotional.

“The only gift I would like to have is the Brazilian team by my side in the final of this World Cup. It will be a very strong moment in my life.”

At the same event, the broadcaster confirmed Ana Thaís Matos as the first female commentator of the Globo World Cup. Besides her, Natália Lara and Renata Silveira starred in speeches in favor of equality between men and women within the sport. Galvão encourages:

“The victory of our narrators and commentators is very important. It should have happened before, and maybe some of us are to blame for this delay”, he says.

Last “Bem Amigos” will be broadcast on Globo

The program named after Galvão Bueno’s catchphrase, “Bem Amigos” will no longer be broadcast after the narrator leaves. The last episode of the attraction will be on November 14, right after the end of the Brazilian Championship, and will be televised on both SporTV and Globo, for the first time.

“Bem Amigos has never been presented on Globo. The last one will be on November 14th. On the 13th the Brasileirão ends and on the 14th there will be the last Bem Amigos, because there’s no way to have someone who shouts ‘Bem Amigos’ other than me (laughs) I still don’t know what will be on Monday night. On November 14, ‘Bem Amigos’ leaves his house here and will be presented by Globo studios and will air at the same time on Globo and Sportv. It will be the first time this has happened. It will be an emotional moment. We will have a lot of nice people who walked through the program. They are being treated with great affection”, said Galvão.

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