Grêmio loses three field orders due to fight in game against Cruzeiro

The fight in Grêmio’s fans that caused the interruption of the game against Cruzeiro for Series B, in the Arena, was reason for judgment this afternoon (20), at the STJD. Tricolor ended up punished with a fine of R$ 100 thousand and the loss of three field orders.

According to a note on the Court’s official website, the gaucho team was punished in article 213, item I, §1 of the CBJD, which talks about “failing to take measures capable of preventing and suppressing disorders in its sports square”.

The problem happened on the 21st of August. At the time, a general fight that took place in the stands of the Arena forced the referee to stop the match twice in the first half.

“One of the identified [na briga] was banned from going to the stadiums. That was a marginal act. Who takes advantage of this, to jeopardize the integrity of other people… There were children and women who ended up being beaten. The responsibility of a person of this nature is very serious,” said Grêmio president Romildo Bolzan Júnior at the time.

The sector was interdicted by the courts after that, and later reopened. The gaucho club will appeal against the punishment.

“This was the punishment. It was not predictable, because the Grêmio made 19 identifications, established the authorship, and understood that the exclusion that applies to everyone could be like that for him. But the STJD did not understand it that way. Let’s make the appeal. I received the summary decision. We are going to seek the suspensive effect. There are situations well before August 21 that have not been judged. There are many interests at stake and we have to act with caution. Not making it a workhorse and knowing what is involved, establishing a conversation agenda with the STJD to maintain the balance of the competition. We are outraged, but we have a way to go and we will examine the circumstances we have”, said Bolzan, today.

If the penalty is not changed or suspended, today’s game (20), against Sport, will be the penultimate game of Tricolor at home in the 2022 season. The duels against Bahia and CSA are within the penalty, but for the final game, against Brusque, the gaucho club will seek the suspensive effect.

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