How to make your cell phone say out loud who is calling you

You know those moments when someone calls you, but they’re not that close to their cell phone? It would be great if he “talks” to find out who wants to talk to you. But check it out: you can program your cell phone so that it tells you who’s calling!

Pretty cool, huh? Take a look below and I’ll show you how to make this adjustment for Android phones, with the default app, called “Phone”, and on iOS, using dear Siri.

How to make your cell phone say who is calling

It is important to say that: for the cell phone to say exactly who is calling, it is important that the number is in your contact list, okay? Take a look at how to do it on your device.


  1. Open the “Phone” app on your Android device;
  2. In the upper right corner, open the options and tap “Settings”;
  3. Swipe the screen until you find the “Advanced” section;
  4. Tap “Caller ID Notice”;
  5. Tap “Listen to caller ID” and choose the option you want.

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  1. Go to “Settings” and enter “Siri & Search”;
  2. In the “Ask Siri” section, click on “Announce Calls”;
  3. Select the option you want.

Amazing, huh? So you can know exactly who is calling if your cell phone is in another room. Oh! Just don’t forget to keep the volume up, okay?

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