‘I decided to undertake and, in 3 months, I got Petrobras as a client’ – 09/19/2022

“Getting to the place you want to occupy is difficult, but staying in it, perhaps, is even more”. It is with this phrase that Tatiana Santarelli, 44, from Minas Gerais, defines her daily challenge ahead of TeamHub, a technology startup for organizational culture management. But courage and faith never lacked for Tati, as she is called. A black and fat woman, she is part of a restricted group of women who broke barriers and faced prejudice to enter the world of technology-based business.

This is an area in which only 25% of Brazilian startups were founded by black or brown people, according to a survey carried out by BlackRocks Startups, a hub created to promote access to the innovation ecosystem for the black population, in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Startups (ABStartups). A gender cut shows the gap between the number of male founders (72.4%) and female founders (18.7%).

But giving up was never an option, and Tatiana grew and gained space. In 2020, TeamHub won the Top Performance of Humanized Companies seal for the study conducted by “Humanizadas”, an impact startup created by the Change Management Group at the University of São Paulo (USP).

In 2021, it received a financial contribution through the Semente Preta program, created by Nubank exclusively to leverage startups led by black people. “TeamHub was one of the first businesses chosen by the program. I’m very proud of that”, he says.

But its success comes from before, specializing in human resources and technology. Below, she tells how she was successful in starting her own business, from scratch, which led her to open her own startup.

‘I decided to undertake and in three months I got Petrobras as a client’

Tati - Disclosure - Disclosure

Tatiana Santarelli: ‘I want other black women to see me and feel represented in this predominantly male and white environment’

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At age 31, married to a philosophy professor and mother of two boys, Tati felt the need to develop to increase the family budget. That’s when she started working as a receptionist at a tech company and at the same time she joined a tech degree in HR.

“I discovered that I could occupy other places and serve people in a different way”, he explains. In just four years, she reached the position of HR manager and felt that she was ready to take on greater heights.

Thus, Tati organized herself financially and began to specialize, with a postgraduate degree in management with an emphasis on people.

Determined to earn more money to be able to live better and travel with her family, Tati combined her experience in the field with academic knowledge to set up her first business: an HR consultancy. “I started the company in 2014. After three months of CNPJ, I got Petrobras as my first formal client”, she says.

One thing is certain: the positive customer feedback for her work was what motivated her to open another business, this time technology-based. “I felt the need to create a tool that would help companies in a simpler and faster way to have a diagnosis of culture and environment”, she explains.

That’s when the entrepreneur looked for a person from the IT area to help her design this software and that’s how TeamHub was born. “He was a white man who became my partner and one of the founders of the startup. In 2018, we already had an MVP [sigla em inglês para Produto Mínimo Viável] running on my consulting clients and, in 2019, the company went to market.”

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