José Dumont: Photo found on cell phone arouses new police suspicion

One of the images of child pornography found with José Dumont raised new suspicions for the police. This week, the report by the Center for Combating Child Sexual Use and Exploitation pointed out that at least one of the photos may have been taken with the actor’s cell phone camera. He was arrested in the act on September 15, and is also investigated for pedophilia and rape of a vulnerable person.

Between cell phone and computer, police officers from the Victim Child and Adolescent Police located around 240 stored records. Some of the files show sex scenes between 8-11 year olds, as well as pictures of babies. However, the electronics must still undergo a forensic examination in the coming days. The aim of the new analysis, according to the newspaper Extra, is to find out if there are more hidden records.

After the arrest, Dumont defended himself against the charges. To the police, he argued that the images were part of a kind of “laboratory”. In testimony given to the authorities, the actor claimed that the videos were a “study for the future realization of a work on the subject, without taboos or filters“. The artist also stated that he got the images “on the Internet” and denied active participation in its production and collection.

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On Monday (19), the Public Ministry of Paraíba also announced that it requested the resumption of investigations that investigate a complaint of rape of a vulnerable person against José Dumont. Stuck in Rio de Janeiro, the artist is expected to be heard by videoconference within 30 days.

According to the newspaper O Globo, the investigation had been stalled since 2013, due to failed attempts to find the actor for a statement. According to the MP, this time, the police were asked to identify and hear the victims of the alleged crime.

Jose Dumont GloboJoao Miguel
José Dumont had already been denounced for pedophilia in Paraíba in 2009. (Photo: Globo/João Miguel Júnior)

The case became public when two women went to the authorities to report that Dumont was taking children to his apartment, in the municipality of Cabedelo. The witnesses came to be heard, in addition to a third person who confirmed that minors frequented the place. However, the children were not located. At the time, the investigation did not find sufficient evidence of crime and the actor was not denounced by the Public Ministry.

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The prison

José Dumont was arrested during an action by the Victim Child and Adolescent Police Station. In addition to the act, the police investigate an alleged involvement of the 72-year-old actor with a 12-year-old child. According to information from the authorities, Dumont would have offered financial help to a fan and, from there, began an exchange of kisses and intimate caresses with the teenager.

Security cameras would have recorded this approach and intimate contacts, whose images would have been used as a basis for opening an investigation. On Thursday (15), agents carried out a search and seizure warrant at the actor’s home. At the scene, the police found images and videos of sex involving children – which culminated in Dumont’s arrest in the act.

Jose Dumont Arrested
Jose Dumont was arrested after being caught with pornographic images of children and adolescents. (Photo: Reproduction/Record TV; Publicity/Civil Police)

In a note to hugogloss.comthe Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro confirmed the investigation. “According to the Victim Child and Adolescent Police Station (DCAV), the author was arrested in flagrante delicto for the crime of storing sex images involving children. The investigation is confidential.”said the corporation.

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