Most powerful laser ever produced by Lockheed is delivered to the US Army

The world’s largest manufacturer of military products, Lockheed Martin has delivered to the US Department of Defense its most powerful laser developed to date. The use of technology on a larger scale for military attack and defense is recent, but it is gaining more and more strength;


The development of the laser was considered rapid. Lockeheed was selected in 2019 to produce the 300 kW class device. The equipment must be used to protect military installations from aerial threats, including drone and other types of equipment.

Military laser delivered to the army

Despite looking like something out of a science fiction movie, the use of lasers in the military has intensified precisely for air defense, due to the efficiency of these devices in deactivating drones and burning systems. Despite the name, this type of laser is not a huge beam of light being fired. In fact, it is invisible to anyone looking and only the target is illuminated, as with gun and toy lasers.

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“Lockheed Martin has increased the power and efficiency and reduced the weight and volume of continuous wave high energy lasers, which reduces the risk of future field efforts of high power laser weapon systems,” said Rick Cordaro. , vice president of Lockheed Martin Advanced Product Solutions.

The so-called Army High Energy Laser (IFPC) is part of the High Energy Laser Scaling Initiative (HELSI). The program is one of the initiatives to modernize the American defense system. Several smaller capacity larsers such as 50 kW and 20 kW are already used.

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