Oi Móvel: Anatel sees no cause for concern

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Anatel is only monitoring from a distance the developments of the sale of Oi Móvel, with the purchasing companies now demanding the return of part of the amounts paid due to discrepancies in Oi’s contracts with tower rental companies, among other reasons. According to the president of Anatel, Carlos Baigorri, the commercial agreement between the companies does not concern Anatel, but is something that goes through the Judicial Recovery process carried out in the Justice of Rio de Janeiro. “The contract between the parties was signed and we did not get into the issue of values ​​or commercials. For our part, we will monitor the effects that this may have on the continuity of the concession, if there are impacts, but I do not see any risks to Anatel’s decision (of to approve the sale of Oi Móvel)”.

The agency’s president recalls that Anatel imposed conditions on the sale of Oi Móvel, and that only in the event of the operation being undone would the agency need to analyze the situation, and probably approve the reversal of the operation, since it involves the transfer of radiofrequency authorizations and consumer rights issues. But he points out that this is not on the radar. According to Baigorri, so far the agency has not been notified of anything. “Any follow-up that we do will be within the scope of the economic follow-up of Oi’s concession, as we do with all concessionaires”, says Baigorri.

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