Planalto evaluates including attacks against the PT in speech at the UN – 09/19/2022

The government of Jair Bolsonaro is evaluating whether it will include attacks aimed at PT governments in the opening speech of the UN General Assembly. This Tuesday, the Brazilian is the first head of state to go up to the UN rostrum to speak and, in one of the drafts of the text that will be read, it is not excluded that he criticizes previous governments.

Made with information from different ministries, the speech should only be closed in its final version on Monday night. One of the elements being evaluated is whether such references could be questioned by the opposition in eventual proceedings in the Superior Electoral Court.

Senior members of the Itamaraty have already made it clear that they are against the inclusion of explicit attacks on other Brazilian parties, while diplomats seek alternatives to avoid embarrassment.

Bolsonaro must, even so, use the court to present his three and a half years of government, in addition to signaling to the world commitments that the country has already made on reducing deforestation. So far, however, the numbers indicate that these goals are not being met and that the problems are only getting worse.

The attack on “communism” and assurances that corruption is being fought in Brazil can also enter the ten minutes or so of speeches.

Another highlight of the president must be the economic situation of the country, considered by his cabinet as positive. He, however, will not mention the existence of 33 million Brazilians who are hungry or the almost 700 thousand killed by the pandemic, one of the highest numbers in the world.

Before Bolsonaro speaks, however, the UN tribune will be occupied by the secretary general of the entity, Antonio Guterres. He promises to send messages that may not please leaders like the Brazilian.

“The solidarity provided for in the Charter of the United Nations is being devoured by the acids of nationalism and self-interest,” the Portuguese said last week, anticipating part of his message.

According to him, this international solidarity is being undermined “by a shocking contempt for the poorest and most vulnerable in our world, by politicians who play on people’s worst instincts for partisan gains, by prejudice, discrimination, disinformation and hate speech that puts people against each other”.

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