Purple tomato should soon hit shelves

Text: Correspondent Iara Siqueira

Tomatoes are usually reddish, green and even yellow in color. A new species of tomato, created in the United States, may hit supermarket shelves from 2023 onwards. We are talking about purple tomatoes, scientifically modified by researchers and may have a longer shelf life than traditional tomatoes.

It tastes like a tomato, smells and even a tomato, the only difference is its color: purple. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has authorized the genetically modified vegetable to arrive on US supermarket shelves and stores by next year. In a press release, the agriculture department said the plant can be safely grown and used in reproduction.

In addition to the peculiarity in color, the fruit brings health benefits, according to scientists. The cultivar was developed by a team of researchers, of which British professor Cathie Martin, from the University of East Anglia, in England, is part. In an interview with CNN, the biochemist who works on the production of pigments in flowers said that “the new tomatoes are rich in anthocyanins and have greater antioxidant capacity”, she concludes.

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