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Quentin Tarantino is best known as a director and writer, but he also has some acting roles in his filmography, appearing in his own movies and others as well, and his weirdest role/cameo so far has been in the fantasy comedy Little Nicky. Quentin Tarantino’s career in the film industry began in 1992 with the crime film Rent dogswhich has become a cult film and an independent film classic, while giving critics and viewers a taste of his narrative and visual style, including his tendency to add a lot of violence and gore to each of his films.

The critical success of Rent dogs opened many doors for Tarantino in the film industry, not only as a director and writer, but also as an actor, as he had a small role in his own movie as Mr. brown. Tarantino’s big break came two years later with another crime movie, pulp Fictionwhere he also had a minor role as Jimmy Dimmick, and since then, he has made cameo appearances in almost all of his films, but he has also appeared in films outside of his cinematic universe in a variety of roles, the oddest being in the comedy of fantasy Little Nicky.

Directed by Steven Brill, Little Nicky stars Adam Sandler as Nicky, the son of Satan who is sent to Earth to stop his brothers, Adrian and Cassius, from possessing religious and political leaders on Earth and taking over Earth, and as they froze the entrance to Hell, Satan began to disappear. Nicky isn’t the smartest or most skilled of Satan’s children, and he’s gotten himself into trouble on Earth and has met a variety of people, among them Deacon, played by Quentin Tarantino.

When Satan told his children that none of them were ready to take his place, Adrian and Cassius traveled to Earth to create a new Hell there. Once on Earth, Nicky met a possessed bulldog named Beefy, an actor named Todd, and a student named Valerie, with whom he fell in love. As Adrian and Cassius began possessing people all over New York City, Nicky came across them in the bodies of different people, but there was one that wasn’t possessed yet, he had a lot to say about Nicky: Deacon, a blind fanatic. church telling people on the streets how much “the good God” loved them. Deacon easily sensed Nicky’s ties to the devil and ran away while yelling that the devil was between them before falling down the stairs at the subway entrance.

Deacon appeared again, now wearing a neck brace, and once again yelled about Nicky’s evil before running headfirst into a pole. As Nicky and Valerie were flying over the city, Deacon sensed him again and insulted Valerie, so Nicky hit him with water from a fire hydrant. Deacon appeared once more as Nicky’s brothers began to take over Earth and he fled with the crowd, no more mishaps – at least not on camera. Quentin Tarantino’s roles outside of his own films were a bit of everything, but Deacon in Little Nicky is definitely the weirdest not just because of the character itself, but because no one would really expect to see Quentin Tarantino in an Adam Sandler comedy about Satan’s not-so-bright youngest son.

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