Sicredi cards gain compatibility with Apple Pay [atualizado]

And the list of Brazilian banks/cards compatible with the Apple Pay in Brazil gained another member this week! I speak of Sicredi — which, it is worth noting, is different from Woop Sicredi (a Visa card that is offered with the cooperative’s digital account that already has Apple Pay since last January).

The novelty was announced in the release notes of the Sicredi smartphone application, in advance.

Changelog of the Sicredi app

O MacMagazine found that compatibility applies to both Mastercard and Visa cards, and that the process of adding the card to Apple Pay can be done manually (through the Wallet app) or within the Sicredi app itself.

This addition to Apple Pay, however, is only available to some people who are part of an initial list; From this Tuesday (20/9), everyone will be able to add their cards to Apple’s mobile payment system. In addition, the Sicredi X app (which will replace the Sicredi smartphone app in the future) will also be updated on Tuesday with Apple Pay support.

Taí: another financial institution joining Apple’s contactless payments team! 😀

Update 9/20/2022 at 10:25 am

As promised, Sicredi cards gained compatibility with Apple Pay today.

In addition to disclosure on Twitter, the information is already included on the cooperative’s “Digital Wallets” page.

Sicredi smartphone app icon

Apple Wallet app icon

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