Smart home: Xiaomi announces lock with facial recognition and cell phone unlocking

Xiaomi has just unveiled a new addition to its smart home portfolio. Announced this Monday (19), the Face Recognition Smart Door Lock is a lock system capable of detecting the user’s face to unlock the door more quickly, serving as an alternative to physical or digital keys also supported by the kit.

The system uses structured light scanning facial recognition to analyze the smallest details and unique features — even if invisible to the eye — of the wearer’s face. The integrated AMOLED screen allows you to check the status of the lock, perform security controls and other settings.

If the face scan does not work properly at any given time, it is possible to unlock the door using a key, password, fingerprint or the system application that can be installed on the cell phone. Versatile, it is possible to attach the device to doors with thicknesses that vary between 4 and 12 centimeters.

This model serves as a “successor” to the Smart Door Lock X, which was able to identify and record up to 50 facial features of a user at distances of 1.3 to 2 meters. For now, Xiaomi has not revealed more specifications of the new model.

Xiaomi Face Recognition Smart Door Lock will be available for pre-order in China from next Tuesday, September 20th, with starting price of ¥1,999 (about R$1,479). After its launch, the value will be raised to 2,199 yen (about R$1,629). Deliveries will start on the 28th of September.

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