Startup from Ceará bets on automation to boost solar energy market

With a focus on technology, Zonder, startup Ceará, seeks to reduce to up to 5 minutes the time required to consolidate the budget of a solar energy generation project for a residence or business in Brazil.

The company has 1,300 companies and entrepreneurs throughout the national territory and highlights a great pent-up demand for automated solutions to streamline the processes of consultation, project construction and cost projection to achieve a practical and accessible budget for customers.

“There is still a very small conversion rate in the market. Companies need to carry out long consultations with at least ten customers to then close a sale. It takes 2 hours for each consultation, that is, 20 hours of work to close a single sale Our product allows each consultation to last up to 5 minutes, with much more information and assertiveness in the construction of the project”, comments Pedro Vasconcelos, CEO of Zonder.

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Through an application, the startup maintains a database with all the technical information needed to build a solar-based electricity generation plant that fits the reality, demand and income of each customer. In addition, the tool works as a data manager, scheduler and operations administrator for each company.

“In a few clicks, companies will already have information on the material of each kit, the necessary equipment, prices, installation time, the total value, all in three, four, at most 5 minutes. needing to make 10 inquiries to close a sale, in 90 minutes it will be possible to have a new customer, which previously would have taken up to 20 hours”, reiterates Pedro.

One of the competitive advantages of the startup from Ceará is the absence of a pre-established price for the use of the tool. The amount, charged monthly, starts from the symbolic level of R$ 100 and already guarantees access to the main functionalities of the tool, being expanded according to the needs of each case.

The company launched the first version of the product in January 2021 and serves customers throughout Brazil, with a large concentration in São Paulo, Ceará, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul and Bahia. The entrepreneurial initiative is being driven by startup accelerator Casa Azul and projects a new version of the tool by early 2023.

“There is a very latent pain of solar energy companies regarding the process of dialogue with customers, many sales are lost due to the delay in the budget and this automation that we are proposing may be exactly what was missing for a company to leverage its sales without large expenses operational”, he says.

Data from the Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Energy Association (Absolar) indicate that the renewable matrix avoided the emission of 23.6 million tons of CO2 in electricity generation in the last decade in Brazil.

This year, Brazil surpassed the historic mark of 16 GW (GigaWatts) of installed power of the photovoltaic solar source. Since 2012, the solar energy exploration chain in Brazil has generated BRL 86.2 billion in new investments in the country, in addition to BRL 22.8 billion in public coffers, and more than 479,800 jobs.

The market projects double-digit growth in the sector in the coming years. Pedro’s expectation is that by 2026 Brazil will be able to triple the production of electricity based on the solar matrix.

The entrepreneur reports an extremely positive reception by companies regarding the Ceará tool, regardless of the size of operations. Peter also reveals to the THE PEOPLE that from a greater consolidation in the solar energy market, Zonder will seek expansions for other modes of renewable energy, such as wind.

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