‘VP will still decide whether to stay or not’, says Duilio

After the draw for the field managers of the Copa do Brasil final, Corinthians president Duilio Monteiro Alves denied rumors and stated that coach Vítor Pereira has not yet made a decision whether or not to remain at the club next season. The president’s desire is to renew the contract – which ends at the end of this year -, but the Portuguese has not yet signaled the definition of his future to the board.

“I understand the press, journalists, bloggers and influencers who need to speed up information. Things happen in their own time. We are in September, the championship ends on November 17, if I’m not mistaken. We have more time. The whole year was tight, but at this moment it favors us to make this decision. Even if it stays until after the end of the season, we still have November and December to make signings or whatever is necessary”, said Duilio.

“There’s news that he doesn’t stay, it’s already out that he stays, what problem was this or that. Every day I read names of coaches that Corinthians would be negotiating or interested in. Just making it clear to the fans: that doesn’t exist. Vítor will still decide whether to stay or not. Of course, the sooner we know this, the better, but everything has its time. We are going to play two very important final games for Corinthians. This is not the time for that. Moving on to the finals, if he decides, or as soon as the championship is over, we still have time to do the planning”, continued the president.

Shortly after Corinthians eliminated Fluminense and confirmed itself in the final of the Copa do Brasil, Vítor Pereira promised to anticipate his decision “out of respect for the fans and the club”. Before that statement, he said that the future would be set after the season ends.

Favorite Flame?

For Duilio, yes. Soon after learning that Corinthians will play the first game against Flamengo at Neo Química Arena, on October 12, and the decision will be at Maracanã, on the 19th, the president of Timão praised the rival and said he was satisfied with the alvinegra season. .

“We are very happy with this year, being at the top of the Brazilian table, unfortunately we came out in the quarterfinals of Libertadores. We know we have a lot to improve and we’ll see if we can end the year with a title, but it’s very difficult . Flamengo is a great team, it’s the favorite. It’s been a great year. Corinthians wouldn’t even be here if we were to listen to the majority’s opinion. We’re here, strong, working quietly. Let’s see if we can bring this joy to the fan”, opined the representative.

revenue division

In the meeting between the teams in the quarterfinals of Libertadores, when Flamengo eliminated Corinthians, one of the great controversies was the division of tickets for the visiting fans. At the time, 4,000 tickets were released for each, even with Maracanã being far superior to Neo Química Arena, which became the target of criticism from Corinthians.

According to Duilio, there is still no definition on the percentage of how it will be in the decision of the Copa do Brasil, but that the “mistake” will not be made again.

“We haven’t talked yet. [com o Flamengo]. They are different competitions and different numbers. At Libertadores, it was an absolute number, so there is reciprocity, you give 2,000 tickets and you receive 2,000 tickets. In the Copa do Brasil, as in the Brasileirão, there is a percentage of the stadium. Against Fluminense, for example, we did 6% of the load at Neo Química Arena and 6% at Maracanã. This will be done with Flamengo, but I still don’t know the percentage”, explained the president of Corinthians.

“Even in Libertadores, we had 4,000 fans who made an incredible noise and shouted louder than the other 60,000 that were there,” joked Duilio.

Open training in the Arena?

Duilio also talked about the possibility of opening the Neo Química Arena for Fiel to accompany and celebrate in an open training session before the match at Maracanã, which decides on the title.

“How we are going to decide outside, it’s something that the fans have been asking us. When Fiel is together, she sends her message, gives confidence. If we have the opportunity, depending on the dates and the Arena’s commitments, we will study to have the fan before we go to Rio. But the fans will be here, regardless of the number, making the same noise to support us as they always do”, concluded the president.

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