Why do you need to watch the first ”Avatar” movie in theaters from September 22nd?

avatar”, the Oscar®-winning epic adventure, returns to theaters September 22 in 4K HDR format. The film is the biggest box office success of all time.

The production presents an exuberant alien world called Pandora where the Na’vi live, beings that appear to be primitive in the eyes of white humans, but highly evolved. As the planet’s environment is toxic, avatars were created, biological bodies controlled by the human mind that move freely on Pandora. Jake Sully, a paralyzed ex-Marine, walks back through an avatar and falls in love with a Na’vi. This passion drives Jake to fight for Pandora’s survival.

Written and directed by Academy Award® winner James Cameron, “Avatar” stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldaña, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez and Sigourney Weaver, with Cameron and Jon Landau producing.

But why review the film in theaters? Check out some reasons below:


“Avatar” is definitely a movie to watch in the cinema, given the quality of the production rich in detail. The good news is that from September 22nd, the public will be able to review the film on the big screen, in 4K HDR, ensuring a more impactful and realistic experience.


“Avatar” was released in 2009 and revolutionized cinema with its advanced technology for the time, including 3D glasses – making this format popular. The director had the idea for the film in 1995, but it wasn’t until 2009 that he got the right technology to carry out the production as he wanted. The film was the first to make extensive use of motion capture, an innovative technology at the time that captures the actions of actors and transfers them to the screen via the computer. The format was already used in video games, but it was from “Avatar” that the technology began to be disseminated in cinema.

For those who haven’t had the opportunity to see the movie in theaters, or even those who have already watched it, it’s worth taking a closer look at the beginning of this technological revolution.


The story is gripping and timeless, ingredients that made “Avatar” one of the biggest movie hits of all time and, no wonder, nominated in nine Oscar® categories (2010), including Best Picture and Best Director. The film won three Academy Awards: Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, and Best Visual Effects. In addition, the production also won the Golden Globe® (2010) for Best Picture and Best Director. In total, there were 73 different awards for the James Cameron film.


The re-release of “Avatar” in theaters serves as a warm-up for “Avatar: The Way of the Water,” which arrives December 15 in theaters. After more than 13 years since the premiere of the first film, the sequel will show the story of the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri and their children), the danger that haunts them, the efforts they make to stay safe, the battles they fight for survival and the tragedies they endure.

Directed by James Cameron and produced by Cameron and Jon Landau, “Avatar: Water Way” stars Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Cliff Curtis, Joel David Moore, CCH Pounder, Edie Falco, Jemaine Clement , Giovanni Ribisi and Kate Winslet.

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