Woman goes viral when she says she shares her husband with her mother and younger sister

Photo: @MadiBrooks567

A woman went viral on social media after sharing a video telling her she shares her husband with her mother and younger sister. madi brookswho lives in the United States, divided opinions after the statement.

“Me and my mom are swingers and that’s great. Do you know why? Whenever I’m not in the mood, I can just let my husband have her,” she said in one of the videos she shared on TikTok.

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In the continuation of the video, Brooks’ husband appears and hugs his mother.

“Yes, I am that kind of wife. I let my husband stay with her a few times a week.”

In another recording, the young woman also says that her sister is also part of the arrangement.

“Do you know how I keep my man happy? I let him play with my little sister. Yes, I am that kind of wife.”

The videos resonated so much that several websites and portals resonated with the information. One of them reached 8 million views, 317 thousand likes and more than 13 thousand comments.

Madi has around 115,000 followers on the social network. She even asks people not to judge them. “Don’t be mean to us, life is ours.”

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