WRONG: L! erred in publishing a statement by Fernando Prass about Abel Ferreira

THE THING! was wrong in a report that addressed the statement by former goalkeeper Fernando Prass, on ESPN’s “F90” program, about the behavior of Palmeiras coach Abel Ferreira.

In a transcript of the commentator’s speech, the publication said that Prass claimed that Abel Ferreira had crossed the line “as a person” in the episode of the expulsion in the game against Santos, last weekend. The coach Abel Ferreira was expelled, according to the match referee Wilton Pereira Sampaio, for complaints and offenses against assistant Bruno Boschilia.

In fact, unlike the L! had published, Fernando Prass, although he criticized Abel Ferreira, said, in fact, that the technician had crossed the line with “the person of the assistant (Bruno Boschilia)”. Below is the correct transcription of Fernando Prass’s statement.

– Complaining, being expelled and taking a card, that’s all part of it. It will happen, we are human beings and we live in constant pressure. Abel sometimes goes over the limit, as he did in relation to the assistant, but not only as an assistant, but as a person – completed the former Palmeiras goalkeeper.

THE THING! apologizes to the reader, Fernando Prass and Abel Ferreira for the mistake. The report was published on 10/19/2022, at 8:55 pm, and was corrected on 10/20/2022, at 12:30 pm.

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