Brazilian who was left with an ‘open forehead’ in the UFC, Robocop says what surprised him the most with a grotesque cut that left his artery exposed: ‘I didn’t believe it’

Gregory Robocop stood out in last Saturday’s UFC for winning a fight with an “open forehead”

Last Saturday (17), the Brazilian Gregory Robocop was one of the highlights of the UFC Vegas 60. The fighter defeated Chidi Njokuani by knockout in the 2nd round after suffer a grotesque cut that left even his artery exposed in the 1st round.

In an exclusive interview with, Robocop talked about the injury he suffered and revealed a lot of surprise that the doctors didn’t stop the fight.

“It was pretty ugly. I think it was one of the Weirdest cuts I’ve ever seen throughout all the fights I watch from the UFC. It was pretty ugly, the artery exposed. Even I was impressed. I spoke ‘my God, how do the referees not stop the fight?’. And, thank God, they didn’t stop,” he said.

The Brazilian also revealed that, at the time, he did not realize the depth of the cut.

“But in the octagon I had no idea how I was doing, I couldn’t see it. I didn’t look at the big screen. I had no dimension, I thought it was just any cut that was bleeding like any other. Then, when I finished the fight, I saw and I said ‘my God, bro, what’s this?’. I couldn’t even see it. It was pretty ugly. Even Cormier, who was there, couldn’t see properly, he was scared. Then, for me to go on and win the fight was impressive. I’m impressed with the cut and with having managed to win the fight“, he explained.

Robocop also said that the cut “is much better” and that he hopes to get back to training in two weeks after the stitches are removed.

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