Corinthians triggered by Jean in Justice for the third time; ex-midfielder made two appearances for the club

Corinthians was sued in court by Jean for the third time. After filing two civil lawsuits against the club, the midfielder went to the Labor Court in search of a third compensation. This time, the initial value of the order is BRL 312,371.82 – see the previous ones below.

The player took the field only twice for Corinthians while he was under contract (August 2016 to September 2020). During this entire period of bond with Timão, Jean was loaned to three clubs (Vasco, Botafogo and Vitória).

The report of My Helm had access to the initial petition of the player’s lawyers in the Labor Court, who made requests with the inclusion of monetary correction and interest in everything. To know:

  • Discounted holiday anticipation value (R$ 132,486.25);
  • Difference from the 13th salary of 2019 (R$ 33,286.68);
  • FGTS installments for the year 2020 not paid to the escrow account (R$ 118,201.46);
  • Fine of article 467, of the CLT, in the event of non-payment of debts at the inaugural hearing;
  • Annotation of the end of the employment relationship in your Employment Card, under penalty of a daily fine;
  • Payment of costs, expenses and legal fees in 10% (R$ 28,397.43);
  • TOTAL – BRL 312,371.82.

The 10th Labor Court of São Paulo will take care of the action filed by the steering wheel who, at the moment, is 27 years old and works for Juventude. The initial hearing between the parties was scheduled for December 7, by videoconference.

Remember Jean’s other two lawsuits against Corinthians

2nd Civil Court of São Paulo

Hired in August 2016, with Roberto de Andrade as president, Jean signed until December 31, 2020. On that occasion, to acquire part of the steering wheel’s economic rights, Corinthians committed to pay BRL 650,000 in six equal and successive installments. of BRL 108,440.87, with the first maturing in September 2020 and the last in February 2021.

The installments were not honored and, after the end of his relationship with the club, the player decided to file a lawsuit with the Civil Court. With new interest and corrections, the amount requested by Jean recently reached R$ 827,739.58. The process runs in the 2nd Civil Court of São Paulo. remember here.

In the most recent stages of the process, which follows its rite in Justice, the money was already being taken from the club’s accounts and the club’s television quotas through judicial blocks. The total amount of compensation is still unknown.

5th Civil Court of São Paulo

In September 2020, three months before the end of Jean’s contract, Corinthians agreed to terminate the contract in advance and without compensation so that the player could settle with Marítimo, from Portugal. According to the board at the time, the free release was to get rid of the last three months of salary and guarantee 20% of the economic rights of a future sale in Europe.

In the dissolution document, signed by then president Andrés Sanchez, Corinthians committed to pay the amount of BRL 323,066.17, in six equal and successive installments of BRL 53,844.36, with the first due date on 09/30/2020 and from the last one on 02/28/2021. The corrected value of the share was R$ 381,559.18, with monetary correction and interest until the date of the effective payment, and legal fees of 10% (ten percent). remember here.

The lawyer asked for the amount to be discharged, even if judicial blocks on the club’s accounts are necessary. The case follows its judicial rite, still without a final definition or definitive compensation.

See more at: Jean Carlos, Corinthians Processes and Corinthians Board.

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