Grêmio is punished in R$ 100 thousand and loses three field orders for confusion against Cruzeiro in the Arena

Fight between fans of the two clubs was notified in the summary of the refereeing match in Porto Alegre

O Guild it received heavy punishment from the STJD (Superior Court of Sports Justice) because of the confusion that occurred in the match against the cruise for the 25th round of the second division between fans of the two teams at the Arena.

Because, according to the judgment, not being able to guarantee the safety of the fans present in its stadium, the Tricolor lost three field orders and will still have to pay a fine of BRL 100,000.

The fights between fans ended up paralyzing the match in two moments and were reported in the summary of the match by referee Bráulio da Silva Machado. The referee, in that match, still expelled the coach Paulo Pezzolano.

The Uruguayan received two yellow cards, according to the referee, due to complaints in an exalted manner on two occasions in the duel.

Also judged by the STJD this Tuesday (20), Pezzolano was acquitted of penalties and could be on the bench for Cruzeiro’s match against Vascowhich may give the club access to the Serie B to the A of Brazilian.

See the official decision of the STJD that punished Grêmio:

The infractions in the match between Grêmio and Cruzeiro, for the 25th round of the Series B of the Brasileirão, were judged this Tuesday, September 20, at the Superior Court of Sports Justice of Football. For the confusion among the tricolor fans at the stadium in Porto Alegre, the gaucho club was punished with the loss of three field orders and a fine of R$ 100 thousand by majority of votes of the auditors of the Second Disciplinary Commission. Expelled in the same game, the coach of Raposa, Paulo Pezzolano, was acquitted.

After analyzing the document and the videos of the confusion, the STJD Attorney’s Office denounced Grêmio for the lack of guarantee and security for the match (article 211 of the CBJD – fine of R$ 100 to R$ 100 thousand) and for failing to take measures to prevent disorders (article 213, item I of the CBJD – fine from R$ 100 to R$ 100 thousand). And, highlighting the seriousness of the facts, he added the loss of field management to the complaint (§1 of article 213 of the CBJD – loss of control from one to ten games). The possible penalties will be cumulative, as described in article 184 of the CBJD.

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