In Brazil, Viola Davis enjoys the court at the Mangueira samba school, check it out!

Viola Davis is in Brazil! And to start her visit here on the right foot, she gave an interview to Fantastic last Sunday, the 18th, and had a chat like that with Maju Coutinho, when he talked about The King Womanher career and how all the preparation was made to play a warrior in the movies.

In case you didn’t know, Viola plays in this new film Nanisca, an all-female army general who existed there in the 19th century. The skilled warriors of that time were called Amazons and they fought colonists, rival tribes and all those who tried to enslave their people or destroy their lands. The film was shot in South Africa with an all-black cast, with maju asked about the North American’s transatlantic experience of living this experience of returning to the African continent to tell this part of the story that is rarely mentioned in books.

– It was good to be in Africa. It wouldn’t be possible to recreate that in a studio in Los Angeles. Every time I go to Africa, I feel like I’m going home. I don’t have that feeling of always having to explain myself to someone. More than one and a half million enslaved people were taken from the region where the Kingdom of Dahomey was to the Americas, between the 16th and 19th centuries. The region is second only to Angola in the number of slaves brought to Brazil.

And it wasn’t just. Viola Davis also reveals the role of luck in his career:

– The unemployment rate among actors is 95 percent. Only zero point four percent of actors are famous. I worked hard, studied for ten years, performed on every stage you can imagine. But the fame part, being catapulted and all of a sudden everybody knowing my name, then you got a little lucky, yeah. But for me, luck is gratitude. I am grateful that God chose me at some point to be catapulted into this world.

This Monday, the 19th, the actress participated in a press conference to talk about the feature film. When asked if this would be an opening for more black protagonists to be portrayed as warriors, Viola said that the right thing would be to ask the public if they are prepared to receive films like this, according to the metropolises.

– I think this question is asked to the wrong person. The public must be asked: are you going to spend to see a movie about a black heroine? So how were they watching Tomb Raider, Black Widow, Captain America. Are they going to pay to see me like they paid to see Brie Larsson?

According to information from variety, in fact, the film had a better opening than expected in the United States. In the first weekend alone, it made 19 million dollars, surpassing by seven million the expectations of the producer, the Sony Pictures.

still in Brazil

Continuing her stay in Brazil, the celebrity was invited to participate in a dinner with other celebrities at the home of Lázaro Ramos and Taís Araújo, as you have seen here on STARRING. She was also present on the court of the Mangueira samba school.

The King Woman. God is a black woman! Today we received in the city of samba the brilliant and unsurpassed Viola Davis. First black woman to win the Triple Crown of Acting-Oscar, Emmy and Tony-who is visiting Rio de Janeiro to promote the new film The Woman King, in which she is the protagonist. It was an honor to present this great artist with a little bit of the greatest show on Earth. She visited Barracão da Mangueira and got to know the work carried out by a school in creating a parade and, finally, a super show of Estação Primeira and its segments. What an honor! Thank you Viola, the house is yours! Welcome to the family of the biggest samba school on the planet!

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