In Iran, women take to the streets and burn a hijab after the death of a young woman in police custody

22-year-old girl was beaten to death for wearing her scarf incorrectly

EFE/EPA/SEDAT SUNAprotests in iran over the death of mahsa amini
Protests spread across the country and protesters also want the departure of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

O Will faces massive public protests in recent days after a 22-year-old girl was killed in police custody for ‘violating hijab laws’. Mahsa Amini was arrested at a transit station in tehran, by the police on 13 September and fell into a coma days after the beating. According to the authorities, she used the veil incorrectly. The modesty law requires women to wear a headscarf, cover their arms and legs, and wear loose clothing. The case took on gigantic proportions and thousands of women took to the streets, removed their hijabs and burned. Others even cut their hair. Among the protesters’ demands is the departure of the country’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Tehran’s police chief said Amini’s death was an incident that will not be repeated. According to them, the young woman died of “sudden heart failure” while waiting to be “educated” in a facility for women. Witnesses claimed that Amini was beaten inside the police car. The girl’s father said in interviews with the pro-reform news agency that his daughter had no health problems and that when he went to visit her in hospital, she had multiple bruises.

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