Invasion of Uber’s system was considered a joke by employees

Information about a certain hacker attack on the giant Uber was released, but the company soon after said that the news was not true. The curious fact is that, shortly afterwards, she went public to admit that the attack was real. The hacker responsible for the attack has been identified as an 18-year-old.

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He sent a message to corporate slack (messaging service) to announce his invasion. Employees thought the statement was nothing more than a joke. Unfortunately, this fact ended up exposing the company’s security, e-mail and internal communication systems.

Hacker leaked Uber information

A screenshot was also released through the Washington Post newspaper that ended up going viral on Twitter, where the message that was sent by the young man was displayed. It read: “I announce that I am a hacker and that Uber has suffered a data breach.”

Soon after, the company’s employees ended up reacting with numerous emojis, that is, they acted as if the person had told a joke or as if it was nothing more than a joke by some other company colleague.

After the attack was carried out, the hacker also released some screenshots showing Uber’s internal information and systems, such as the company’s AWS account console, VMware ESXi virtual machines and also a Google email dashboard. Workspace.

He classified the images as critical and security-related.

Several internal services were down, so Uber ended up notifying local authorities about this attack. “We are currently responding to a cybersecurity incident. We are in contact with authorities and will post additional updates here as they become available,” was Uber’s response on Twitter when asked about the entire situation.

Even having suffered an attack, the operations carried out by the application suffered no consequences and there is also no indication that user data has been compromised due to the young man’s intrusion. In addition to having accessed the company’s application transport system, the hacker would also have been able to access a company’s source code.

If this information is confirmed, there is a risk that it could leak this code in the future, which could cause problems for Uber. The hacker told the New York Times that to gain access to the company’s network, he only needed to send a message to a company employee. In the text, he claimed to be part of the IT team.

That alone was enough to convince the professional to give him the password. The hacker also said that the reason for the hack was just to show that Uber has a weak security system.

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