Keke Palmer Wants To Be The Rogue Of The MCU

The 29-year-old American Keke Palmer has been gaining prominence in the film industry through her roles in ‘No! Do not look!’ and Alice. In her resume, she not only has acting as a profession, but also as a singer, songwriter and voice actress.

And while an official adaptation of X-Men in the Cinematic Universe appears to be far from happening, the actress is already volunteering to play Rogue!

Keke Palmer
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Keke Palmer wants to be Rogue in the MCU

Undoubtedly one of the most beloved characters among X-Men fans, Rogue made her first appearance in The Avengers Annual #10 in 1981, being a member, and even leader, of X-Men teams in the comics. And while she’s played by Anna Paquin in Fox’s X-Men Universe, the character was never properly introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe along with her team, and that’s set to change in the future.

And in terms of returning to the movie screens in the future, actress Keke Palmer is ready to give life to the character. Replying to a Tiktok from user @jacobfordridgway on his twitter, where he explains the reasons why she would be the perfect Rogue in the MCU, the actress has already shaded her agent to contact the company. See below.

“Come on, agent.”

While the star teases her agent, a production involving the X-Men at Marvel doesn’t seem to be in the company’s plans for now.

Internet wants the actress as a Vampire

As we mentioned above, a project involving the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn’t seem to be in the company’s plans, but nevertheless, the internet seems to have already decided that Keke Palmer will play Rogue. Check out some posts below.

Keke Palmer
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While a new live-action adaptation of X-Men doesn’t hit theaters, fans will have to make do with X-Men ’97, as you can see here.

Check out the trailer for No! Don’t Look!, latest project by Keke Palmer

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