Rooster fans release ‘Disk Balada’ to pick up players at parties

Dissatisfied with the timing Athletic, members of the organized Torcida Galoucura publicized the “Disk Balada”, a communication channel designed to denounce players from the squad who are at a party. For fans, this may be one of the reasons for the bad phase that Galo is going through.

“The salary is up to date, our squad is practically the same as last year where we were champions, new pieces have arrived to compose the team. Therefore, we will not admit that irresponsible players, and uncommitted to the club, harm the rest of the team, our role is to defend and protect the club from these bloodsuckers.”

This Tuesday (20), midfielder Allan assured that the dedication of the players in Cidade do Galo is maximum. Despite rumors of a strained relationship with coach Cuca, the player assured that there is nothing wrong with the relationship between the coaching staff and the squad.

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Remember: Marrony and Borrero case

In November 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak that Atlético was experiencing, midfielder Dylan Borrero and striker Marrony – both have already left Galo – were caught by fans at a club in Contagem. Members of Galoucura went to the place to collect the player, fearing that they would catch the disease and still pass it on to other athletes at the club.

“In the midst of a pandemic, these irresponsible people are partying, with a serious risk of being contaminated by Covid and even passing it on to the other players. What irresponsibility! Inspection continues, regardless of which player it is, we will charge. We will never accept that. No player is bigger than the institution Clube Atlético Mineiro”, said the crowd at the time.

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