Sony may release new version of PlayStation 5 with removable disc player

The PlayStation 5 could receive a new version next year. Sony is reportedly working on a variant of its console that would have an unusual feature: a removable disk reader.

According to sources insider Tom Henderson, the Japanese manufacturer would have in its plans to use this chassis – called the D – as a replacement for versions A, B and C, in production since launch.

This new video game would have virtually identical hardware to the latest edition, except for the removable physical media drive. Its connection would happen through an extra USB-C port, placed on the back of the console.

The information also suggests that Sony’s intention would be to sell the product both in a kit with the video game and disc player, as well as each part separately. This would make it easier in case the PS5 or the unit breaks, as it would not be necessary to buy the complete set.

Despite being detachable, the physical media drive could be attached to the PlayStation 5 without looking external. That is, the aesthetics of the product would remain intact even with the accessory connected.

The PS5 review would be scheduled to take place in mid-fiscal 2023. However, the launch would only happen around September 2024.

What are your expectations for this possible new Sony video game chassis? Tell us your opinion in the space for comments.

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