Two-headed, four-eyed carp found in lake and dubbed ‘Fish of Chernobyl’

A fish found in a lake carries frightening mutations, with two heads and four eyes. The animal was identified as an Asian carp and theories were raised that the anomalies were caused because of contamination of the lake, whose location was not disclosed.

The video of the unusual animal was shared on the OddIy Terrifying profile on Twitter. The big fish was alive in the hand of whoever had probably caught it in the lake.

The experts who watched the recording could not say that the animal had suffered any type of contamination, but they were able to note that the fish was alive and healthy.

Timothy Mousseau, a biologist at the University of South Carolina, in the United States, points out that the chances of the fish being in these conditions after contamination is unlikely. “Most radiation-induced mutations lead to lower growth, survival and fertility. Most of these ‘mutants’ don’t live long enough to get that big. Most are slower, less capable and therefore more likely to be eaten or die than ‘normal’ individuals,” explains Mousseau.

To determine what exactly happened to the specific case of this fish, a lot of research and experiments are needed. Timothy, who has conducted studies at Chernobyl and Fukashima, sites where nuclear disasters have occurred, clarifies: “In our studies, we looked at hundreds, often thousands, of individuals before we could suggest that radiation was the cause.”

Some Twitter users pointed to the fish’s anomalies as mutations from contamination, dubbing the animal the ‘Fish of Chernobyl’. Others already believe that the supposed second mouth of the fish is, in fact, a wound that did not heal properly.

The Asian carp’s extra pair of eyes were identified as the fish’s nostrils, which are common in the species, by some netizens.

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