What do referendums mean? “Putin is isolated and afraid of losing”

O Russian political analyst Ivan Yakovina believes that Putin “is isolated and afraid of losing”, which led him to launch referendums for the annexation of four Ukrainian regions to Russia.

Analyzing the current situation, the political scientist defends that “no one will recognize the result” of these referendums, however, “with this farce, he [Vladimir Putin] he will be able to say immediately that the military operation is over, that he ‘freed’ the lands he wanted”.

In an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, the analyst considers that what is at the base of these referendums is the need for Putin to ‘clean up’ Russia’s image, ensuring that it appears to be a victory that seems to slip through his fingers.

In the first place, points out Yakovina, “the military situation of the Russians is very bad and the impression circulates that they are losing”, then, the international circle becomes increasingly difficult and Putin is weakened. In addition, in the Kremlin, criticisms against the Russian leader are beginning to emerge.

Referendums are therefore, from the political scientist’s point of view, a way of changing ‘the rules of the game’. “He is afraid of losing. And changing the rules of this war is an opportunity to close the game as soon as possible”, he stressed.

After the annexation, Putin “will immediately say that the military operation is over, that he ‘freed’ the lands he wanted, that there is a new border and that peace can be made”, however, Ukraine will not accept this ‘new border’ and “the war will get even more difficult”, considers the Russian analyst.

It is recalled that it was announced that pro-Russian separatist territories in the Donbass region of Ukraine will hold referendums from September 23 to 27 to decide on their annexation by Russia.

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