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Mark Zuckerberg, president of Meta, dropped from 6th to 20th place in the ranking of richest person in the world according to the “Bloomberg Billionaires Index”. This year, the fortune of the co-founder of Facebook and the company’s main shareholder registered a expressive loss of US$ 71 billion.

Zuckerberg’s net worth reached a value of $55.9 billion. Almost all of his wealth is tied to shares in Meta, the company that controls Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

In the rankings, Zuckerberg trails three members of the Walton family and two of the Koch family. The leader of the ranking is entrepreneur and Tesla founder Elon Musk, followed by Gautam Adani (industry sector) and Jeff Bezos (Amazon).

According to a report published by Bloomberg, less than two years ago, the businessman was part of the elite of global billionaires, with US$ 106 billion, and he had only Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates in front of him.

In September 2021, when the company’s shares reached $382, it peaked in wealth at $142 billion. The following month, he changed the company name from Facebook to Meta.

This is not the first time that the CEO of Meta accumulates losses of money after bad results of his company and controversies.

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Also according to Bloomberg, in February, when the company did not register growth in the number of monthly Facebook users, it caused a historic collapse in the share price and reduced its fortune by US$ 31 billion, one of the biggest drops of a fortune in a single day.

Other problems include Instagram’s bet on Reels and stocks also suffer from the company’s investments in the metaverse, Bloomberg reports.

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Facebook announces that its parent company is now called Meta

Facebook announces that its parent company is now called Meta

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