Fluminense president defends fairer TV quota in Brasileirão

(Photo: Mailson Santana – FFC)

The president of Fluminense, Mário Bittencourt, once again defended a fairer distribution of TV quotas for the Brasileirão from 2025 onwards. .

According to published figures, Premier League champions Manchester City received 153.1 million pounds from the total of 2.5 billion pounds (R$14.9 billion). Norwich, last placed, won 100.6 million pounds (R$ 590.7 million), which makes the maximum average difference between the collection of the 20 clubs being 1.5, the smallest among the main leagues.

– The Premier League has published details of TV payments to clubs for the 2021/22 season. These totaled £2.5bn, ranging from £153m for champions to £101m for 20th-placed (the first time the latter club received more than £100m). This explains why Fluminense is part of the Forte Football League and defends, alongside 24 other clubs, the fairest distribution of quotas in a future National League – wrote the president of Fluminense.

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