ANS prohibits sale of 70 health plans; INSS pays BRL 1.7 billion in arrears; BC limits fees for cards and fintechs protest; Weather forecast

The Central Bank set new limits for interchange fees charged by issuers in operations with debit and prepaid cards. The change especially affects gains from fintechs, but it can save billions of reais in spending for consumers.

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Another news that impacts Brazilians is that ANS banned the sale of 70 health plans sold by 13 operators after a series of complaints from users. Also among the main topics of the day is the payment of R$ 1.7 billion in INSS arrears.

Us Tuesday’s highlights, 27, see that the week starts with a forecast of rain in much of the country, especially in the Central-South states. Check all the details.

ANS suspends marketing of 70 health plans

The National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS) announced a temporary ban on sales of 70 types of health plans offered by 13 operators. More than half of them, or 45 medical plans, are managed by Amil.

The suspension was motivated by complaints about lack of medical care registered by users, according to the results of the Monitoring of the Service Guarantee of the second quarter of 2022. Most of the nearly 38,000 complaints are related to non-compliance with maximum deadlines and denial of assistance coverage.

The ban takes effect on September 30 and the sale of plans will only resume when companies show improvements in the results of the survey for the next quarter.

The commercialization of plans also reaches operators such as the Federation of Cooperative Labor Societies, Unimed Vertente do Caparaó, Biovida Saúde, Hospital Bom Samaritano, Saúde Brasil and others. The complete list can be consulted here.

INSS releases R$ 1.7 billion in arrears

The National Institute of Social Security (INSS) will pay 113,780 policyholders who won 88,908 lawsuits for granting or reviewing benefits. The total amount released by the Federal Justice Council (CJF) for payment of arrears is R$ 1.73 billion.

The transfer will be made via RPV (Small Value Requisition), a document that involves debts of the Union and its organs in the amount of up to 60 minimum wages (R$ 72,720). Retirees, pensioners and other beneficiaries who had the payment order issued by the judge in August 2022 will be covered.

The country’s Federal Regional Courts (TRFs) are responsible for releasing the money to stock winners, but each follows its own schedule. The consultation is available on the bodies website:

BC changes limit for debit and prepaid card fees

The Central Bank changed the limits of interchange fees charged by issuers in operations with debit and prepaid cards. The decision comes after requests from the country’s four main banks and is effective from April 1, 2023.

The new ceiling for debit purchases drops to 0.5%, while the maximum limit for prepaid transactions goes to 0.7%. The interchange fee (TIC) is the percentage paid to the card issuer by the company that rents the machines.

The maximum limit currently adopted is 0.8% for debit purchases, but there is no ceiling for prepaid cards. In practice, companies charge above 1%.

According to financial startups, the change may make the model unfeasible, as ICT is one of their main sources of revenue.

According to Zetta, an association that brings together companies such as Nubank and Mercado Pago, owners of more than 90 million accounts could save about R$24 billion in fees if a cap of 0.6% for prepaid cards had been established. in 2021. Nubank would suffer a negative impact of 2.9% on revenue in the period.

Weather forecast for the week

The last week of September starts with rain in much of the country, with the possibility of thunderstorms, gusts of wind and hail in some places. This Tuesday, the Center-South continues with areas of instability and faces the arrival of a new cold front.

The phenomenon should cause rain in Paraná, southern Minas Gerais and Santa Catarina. In São Paulo, the forecast is also for unstable weather, with rain in the morning in almost every state, except in the north.

The CGE (Emergency Management Center) of the City of São Paulo predicts a minimum of 15°C and a maximum of 21°C for the capital of São Paulo.

Next Wednesday, 28, the cold front moves and increases the rain conditions in São Paulo, Paraná, Mato Grosso do Sul, Rio de Janeiro and south of Minas. The instability in SP persists at least until Friday, 30, with the authorities alert for overflows and landslides.

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