Carol Celico on marriage with Kaká: ‘I won a ring every year’

Carol Celico, 35, the ex-wife of former soccer player Kaká, opened up about her ten-year marriage to her ex-husband. The businesswoman stated that she got a new ring every year from the former athlete and not a month, as she had initially stated.

In an interview with the Fab Talk podcast, by Fabiana Justus, she talked about the rings. “I kept them all, because I got a new ring every month. Today I keep them all to give to my daughter-some I even use on other fingers because they don’t even look like rings”, she said.

However, in the Instagram comments, she corrected herself about winning an alliance every month. “It was awesome, Fa!!! Full watching already! *Erratum alliance one per year, not month,” she wrote.

The businesswoman told about her marriage until her divorce with the former athlete. She became engaged to Kaka when she was 17 and they were married a year later. “I started dating from 14 to 15 years old. A little later he went to live in Italy and kept going back and forth, going to visit. Sometimes he came.”

She remembers that during the separation they agreed to remain friends to protect their children. “We have a bond for life,” she said.

The former couple had two children, Luca, 14, and Isabella, 11, and separated in 2015. Carol remarried to Eduardo Scarpa, while Kaká remarried to Carol Dias, 27. The two had a daughter, Esther, 1.

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