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If you missed the soap opera or weren’t even born when it was on TV, your time has come! THE plot by Silvio de Abreu that arrived at Globoplay this Monday, 26/9and to enliven the gshowproposes a joke: who would be the perfect cast, if the plot were made with foreign actors? As the uproar has no end, run here and see if you agree with our selection!🤓✨

Penelope Cruz would be perfect as Ana Carvalho, a role that was played by Susana Vieira — Photo: Globo/Instagram

Mark Ruffalo would play the fairground Juca Mestieri, a role that was played by Tony Ramos — Photo: Globo/Imdb

Marcelo Rossi, character of José Wilker, would be played by Idris Elba — Photo: Globo/IMDB

Noah Centineo would play Sandrinho, a role that was played by André Gonçalves — Photo: Globo/IMDB

Isabela Ferreto Vasconcelos

Gal Gadot as Isabela Ferreto, a character that was played by Cláudia Ohana — Photo: Globo/Instagram

Cecil Thiré played Adalberto Vasconcelos, who would stay with Ricardo Darín — Photo: Globo/IMDB

Sandrinho, a character by Lui Mendes, would be played by Ncuti Gatwa — Photo: Globo/IMDB

Filomena Ferreto, Aracy Balabanian’s role in the soap opera, would be by Olivia Colman — Photo: Globo/IMDB

See more about The Next Victim by clicking here 👇👀

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