Meet the Chinese company that promises to REVOLUTIONIZE with magic glasses

NIO, a new electric vehicle manufacturer in China, recently announced its NIO Air AR glasses. They were developed in conjunction with Nreal, an augmented reality glasses startup. However they are the main devices for your PanoCinema panoramic digital cockpit.

In China they are now available with limited pre-orders. It is expected to be officially released now in October. According to reports from Pandaily and Arena EV, the NIO Air AR glasses are certainly equipped with a 3D display with a wide 1080 RGB color gamut, which is equivalent to viewing a 130-inch high-resolution screen at 4 meters. Supports Dolby Atmos Technology.

Novelty promises to revolutionize – Photo: publicity

You put on the magic glasses and PanoCinema makes the magic happen

First and foremost, the immersive stereo sound system provides the user with a cinema-quality, fully sensory and immersive 3D movie viewing experience in the car. Yes, PanoCinema technology is on the windshield of NIO cars.

The company will provide nearly 200 3D movies and more than 260 Dolby Atmos through the iQIYI Film app indeed. According to reports, NIO Air AR Glasses can achieve a 3D viewing effect equivalent to 4 meters and 130 inches, and it is also the world’s only AR glasses with in-vehicle anti-vibration function.

When wearing AR glasses, passengers in the car can use the unique AR in-car operating system XR OS developed by NIO. The use is in conjunction with NOMI’s artificial intelligence (AI) voice assistant, exclusive mobile application. With the NIO Air AR glasses, he can control the content and interaction provided by the XR OS in the cockpit.

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Things float in the air, dispensing with the use of screens

The NIO Air AR goggles developed by NIO Capital are undeniably the only AR goggles in the world with in-vehicle anti-shock function and cockpit sensors that can provide the user with a comfortable viewing experience when the vehicle is running.

NIO models based on NT 2.0 platform or higher only support PanoCinema in order to pair with the car audio system. In fact, some models still require system updates before the NIO Air AR glasses connect to the vehicle’s infotainment system.

In conclusion, the NIO Air car kit is the basis for the AR glasses to connect to the car in the first place. It provides functions such as computing power expansion and data transmission, anti-shake algorithm, signal conversion, signal boost and power supply.

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