‘Men pay me to analyze their penises’, says erotic consultant

Valentina Bellucci would be yet another woman looking for subscribers on an erotic platform. But she ended up becoming more than that. The Italian based in Las Vegas (USA) became a kind of consultant.

“Men pay me to analyze their penises”she revealed, who has a page on OnlyFans.

The model is helping many men overcome their genital anxiety and earning “good money” from specialist service. Customers ask you to be “as sincere as possible” in penile analysis.

“Basically, men pay me to look at a picture of their penis and tell them if it looks good and especially if it’s big enough.”completed the 35-year-old Italian, according to the “Daily Star”.

Valentina Bellucci Photo: Reproduction

In the US, the average penis size is 13.1cm, according to a recent study by King’s College London (England) on measures taken in 86 countries. At the top of the ranking are the Ecuadorians, with an average of 17.6cm. In last place in the study were Cambodians, with 10cm. Brazilians have a member of 15.7cmin average.

The “consultant”, however, claims that the dimensions of sexual endowments don’t mean much. Valentina adds that size preference is subjective, noting that most people have sexual tastes for something that simply satisfies them.

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