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“It’s a different start.” Who attests is Marquinhos, one of the leaders of Tite’s group and captain of Paris Saint-Germain. Tonight – in the French time zone, but at 15:30 in the Brazilian time zone -, the Selection returns to the Parque dos Príncipes, 28 years after Ayrton Senna’s kick-off, to face Tunisia with that “different” Neymar to which the defender refers.

With all the attributes that made PSG spend an incredible 222 million euros in 2017, but in great physical and technical shape. More: with the shirt that makes the player more comfortable and in a house that has not always welcomed him so well.

TV Globo, SporTV and ge broadcast this afternoon’s match live

In the streets of Paris, if Neymar is not unanimous – which has changed after the possibility of a transfer to Barcelona there are two windows -, he is still idolized. Friends Kealan Mulumba Panu and Abdou Sy are children of immigrants, born in France and have admiration for the Brazilian player. Kealan, 16, has a Cameroonian mother and a father from Congo.. He considers Neymar the best in the world and sees Vinicius on the way to succeeding him.

– He has incredible talent. He’s got magic, he’s got fantasy in his game. For me, he’s the best – said the boy, who was waiting for the coach to leave the Paris FC stadium, where the team trained for the last few days.

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Neymar during Brazil 3 x 0 Ghana, in Le Havre: star returns to Parc des Princes, now for the first time with the national team — Photo: DAMIEN MEYER / AFP

When Neymar combines fantasy with determination, everything becomes simpler. The ball comes in, the sugary passes come out, the dribbles enchant. As Neymar himself says, “it gets difficult for opponents”. Physical trainer of the Brazilian team, Fabio Mahseradjian revealed that it was at the request of the player to present the PSG pre-season by two weeks.

– This form is the result of Neymar’s dedication. He asked Ricardo (Rosa), who works with him and with us here at the Seleção, to accompany him to Mangaratiba for two weeks before playing for PSG. He is reaping the rewards now and for the future as well. All this dedication of his makes him present numbers that corroborate with this beginning of his season – said the physical trainer, still in Le Havre, France.

Tite about Pedro: "I already have a diagnosis and I know what it can give"

Tite on Pedro: “I already have a diagnosis and I know what it can give”

Tite praises Neymar: "It's playing for c*@#%"

Tite praises Neymar: “He’s playing for c*@#%”

Selection bulletin: Brazil will face Tunisia with Danilo and Fred as starters

Selection bulletin: Brazil will face Tunisia with Danilo and Fred as starters

The numbers are as follows: Neymar has 11 goals and 10 assists in 12 games this season – counting the match against Ghana last Friday. He didn’t score, but gave a pass to one and crossed another in Richarison’s goals. Week after week he proves the best start to his career in Europe.

– In numbers it’s easy to talk, we can’t dispute it. It’s definitely a magical start to the season. As a friend, as a close player, who lives day to day, and lives directly with him, I can say that. Mentally, for training, for everything he’s doing, off-field, on the pitch, it’s a season where he’s very focused – commented Marquinhos, in a report that aired on “Fantástico” last Sunday.

Friends Abdou and Kealan are fans of Neymar and tried to contact the Brazilian player – Photo: Raphael Zarko

Platini and Neymar at an exhibition by a French artist near the Seleção hotel — Photo: Raphael Zarko

With physical trainer Ricardo Rosa at Neymar’s side since the days of Santos, the Seleção monitors Neymar’s physical levels. Tite publicly congratulated him on his care and exuberant form this season so important to his career. At PSG, in a recent game he ran at over 19 km/h for 1,017 meters. Above 25 km/h in 292 meters. In the so-called mechanical work, at accelerations above 5 meters per second – when the player shoots or makes more turning movements, gestures to unmark -, he made 66 actions in the same game verified by the Selection.

Brazil 3 x 0 Ghana - Best Moments

Brazil 3 x 0 Ghana – Best Moments

All physical data are at a great level considering the start of the season. With less than 60 days to go until the World Cup, the 30-year-old Neymar arrives at a World Cup in ideal conditions four after a performance that reflected his return from injury in Russia.

– We don’t like these comparisons, but in 2018 he had losses due to his injury. It was kind of, in quotes, in the sacrifice. He struggled with the injury and had little time to train and recover for the World Cup. We knew he was going to be conditioned during the World Cup. Not now. Now he will arrive at the World Cup in the best of his physical form – guarantees the physical trainer Fábio Mahseradjian.

Brazil’s lineup to face Tunisia

Brazil’s lineup to face Tunisia — Photo: ge

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