Michelle Bolsonaro asks, adviser skips line and will have position

Michelle next to Jair Bolsonaro at an event (AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo)

Michelle next to Jair Bolsonaro at an event (AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo)

First lady Michelle Bolsonaro has made several interventions at Itamaraty, with requests for promotions and appointments within the institution to favor her assistant, diplomat Marcela Braga.

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By order of the first lady, in June of that year, Marcela cut a line of 220 Itamaraty employees and was promoted to the position of counselor.

Again, she is now ahead of dozens of colleagues and will occupy the position of consul general in Orlando, United States, from January 2023. The consulate was opened three months ago to serve 120,000 Brazilians who live in the city. North American, known for hosting theme parks, such as Disney. The information is from Correio Braziliense.

Itamaraty usually has strict rules for appointment and promotion. For example, the portfolio predicts that career advancement follows the period of seniority, in order to honor those who have acquired more knowledge while performing functions in the country and abroad.

In promotions, the first 70 on the list are usually considered. For strategic positions, such as the consulate in Orlando, the selection would be even stricter. As a counselor, Marcela should be fifth in the hierarchy of the body that is responsible for resolving all pending issues of citizens living in the region served.

Marcela Braga is Michelle Bolsonaro’s only international advisor and has been close to the first lady since the president’s wife began to travel more abroad with her husband.

According to Itamaraty sources heard by the vehicle, Marcela is hardworking, but would not yet have the necessary experience to occupy the position assigned to her.

In addition, she would have gained even more attention from Michelle after having the outfit praised at the wake of Queen Elizabeth II in London.

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