See how you can make hidden calls using your iPhone

Unfortunately, the scam involving smartphone phone calls is increasing, so prefer to maintain your privacy when possible.

Sometimes a number gets recorded in the history and you have no idea if it was something important or suspicious. Therefore, there are resources that allow the call without the dialer notifying its identity, preserving the data.

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Use the mechanism only if necessary

Although it is a possibility on smartphones, use the function with moderation and common sense, thinking only of the solution proposed by the company.

In this way, do not forward prank calls or make bad jokes, offending anyone, as it is not an empathic attitude. The function was only released in order to preserve your image on occasions that expose your private life or involve suspicions of blow.

How to anonymously call someone

Access the “Settings” area of ​​your device and search for the “Phone” setting and then “Privacy”. Among the options, choose “Location Service” and swipe the screen until you find the “My number” section.

When deactivating, the button will stop being green and turn to gray, showing that it is in fact deactivated. By disabling this feature, when making a call, your contact will no longer appear on the caller’s display, hiding the number.

Even people saved in your address book don’t know who’s calling, but only do this in exceptional cases.

Remember to disable the setting

This walkthrough needs to be done to undo the setting, so don’t forget to change the selected status again.

If you forget to deactivate, all calls will be forwarded as an “unknown number” and there is a risk that someone will ignore an important message.

Evaluating this possibility, it is essential to emphasize again that the misuse of this tool can lead to blockages temporary.

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